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Talent Talks with Kate - What's it like to work as a freelance researcher?

What can you learn from working at Bain, Finalta or McKinsey? Kate talks about her experiences working on Projects both big and small.

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"I have worked with Freshminds, specifically the Research Projects team on several occasions. They were extremely helpful and professional in understanding my requirements, and matched my skill set and strengths to challenging projects within prestigious companies.

My current placement involves me working on a strategic positioning project for one of the largest electronics companies in the world. The experience from previous Freshminds projects where I developed my analytical and leadership skills has been invaluable to help me perform to a high standard. Simultaneously, the project stretches me to allow me to progress even further, which will be vital to enhance my capabilities, competencies, and expertise for future projects and opportunities in the consultancy sector.

Nadir, Senior Project Mind

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