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Talent Talks - Talking about projects with Mark

Freelancer and project Mind, Mark talks about what it's like to work on projects and the benefits of a flexible way of working.

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"I am so glad a friend told me about Freshminds at the start of my gap year because without it I am certain I would not have landed my job as a technology consultant at one of the big 4. The project layout is perfect for earning money whilst building up your CV and still having time to send off the dreaded time-consuming applications! I would also recommend Freshminds projects to anyone who is just finishing university as a great way to gain insight into some of the largest, most prestigious companies in the business world.    

Max, Graduate Mind

"Freshminds is a unique source for both employment opportunities and career planning. The projects are well-paid, enjoyable and a great insight into some very well known companies.

Lawrence, Consulting Mind

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