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Experience - it could be your golden ticket

Noticed an increasing number of positions require commercial experience? Whether it's relevant experience or something more general, there's no doubt it's becoming more important.

How important are we talking? High Fliers research found over half of the top 100 employers in the UK felt candidates with no work experience (including internships or summer placements) were "unlikely to be successful during selection and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes."

So 'second jobbers' are becoming first choice. Work experience gives employers assurance that candidates have:

  • displayed drive in securing work in the first place;
  • already successfully integrated into a working environment; and
  • started to build that all-important set of transferable skills.

Candidates with a proven track record - via work placements, internships or even shadowing - are a very appealing prospect.

The figures speak for themselves, underscoring the importance experience can have, and the trust this can build between employer and employee: 

  • 26% of vacancies in the consulting industry were filled by people who already had experience at the company
  • In Banking and Finance, and Investment Banking, experienced candidates accounted for 43% and 78% respectively of graduate vacancies filled 

What this means for you

The second-jobber boom means FreshMinds Talent have even more fantastic roles for those who are looking for the next challenge after their initial foray into the world of work.

Want to see what's out there? Check out our full list of our opportunities.

Want to build up your work experience? We're well-placed to help - either with project placements through our interim team or entry-level roles through the graduate and early years team.