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Top tips to get your foot in the door

Whether you are an undergraduate or in the early stages of your career, here are some top tips on improving your prospects of securing an exciting graduate role to kick start your career.  Gone are the days when you can rely solely on your academic success.  Competition is fierce and employers have the luxury to choose from a high volume of quality graduates.

So how can you stand out from the crowd? Here are a few key actions you can take to help you secure your dream graduate job.


  • If you are an undergraduate, arrange your summer work experience now

- Companies are increasingly looking for evidence of work experience during breaks from university such as internships, voluntary work or temporary jobs. According to High Fliers research, over 50% of recruiters warn that graduates with no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful in the selection process for their graduate programmes.
-Getting experience is not easy so you have to be proactive.  Use your networks, get advice from your university careers service and follow the companies that interest you.
-Whatever career you are looking for, the transferable skills and experience you acquire now will stand you in good stead once you graduate.

  • Tailor your approach

-Rather than writing a generic CV and blanket applying to a diverse range of opportunities, target the career you want and tailor your application to it.
-Do your research and make sure you highlight exactly how your skills, interests and motivation match what the company is looking for. 
- Provide tangible evidence of your attributes through specific examples of when you have made an impact during your work experience or your university career.

  • Expand your skills

-By taking part in extra-curricular activities you can develop vital skills which employers look for including team work, leadership, problem solving and communication.  This could include playing a key role within a society (or even setting up your own!), volunteering on university projects or representing the university in sporting activities.

  • Add another dimension to your profile

-Companies are increasingly using social media to advertise jobs and screen potential candidates. According to the National Association of Student Employment Services, 25% of FSTE 100 companies hire through LinkedIn and 1 professional joins Linked in every second!
- Having a LinkedIn profile is a great way to expand your network and provides another avenue to showcase your skills. 
- Use it to research companies and get an idea of employee profiles within each business.
- Follow groups related to the sectors you are interested in and keep up with movements in the market.

At FreshMinds, in addition to guiding you through the recruitment process we aim to draw out your skills and motivations, and assist you in the tricky process of matching your profile to the right career. We can help you better understand a job description or company profile by talking through what you can expect to be doing day to day, what the company culture is like and longer term career progression on offer.

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