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The competition is on!

The number of university graduates vying for each UK job vacancy has reached its highest ever level, as starting salaries for entry-level roles increase for the first time since 2008. Recent graduates applying for jobs at some of the UK’s most active companies will face competition from an average of 82 other applicants per role, according to latest figures from members of the Association of Graduate Recruiters. This is big news in the graduate recruitment world, making it even more important for candidates to do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve and stand out during the recruitment process. This highlights how FreshMinds can really add value to a candidate’s pursuit of job opportunities, as clients trust our candidate pool, we can often provide valuable interview advice and help with preparation and we regularly recruit off cycle for firms, providing candidates with another avenue for job success. As the competition heats up, it is even more important to use FreshMinds to your full advantage throughout your job search.

So do keep in touch, keep an eye on our web site and get in contact if we can help in any way shape of form!

Charlotte Heard is a Candidate Manager on the FreshMinds Talent Graduate team.