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Graduate Recruitment: AGR 2011

Social Mobility - The buzz words of 2011’s AGR

This has been a hot topic at FreshMinds Talent since our very own Soraya Pugh, Head of FreshMinds Talent Graduate team, appeared on Sky news back in March to discuss the GSK initiative to fund their graduate intake through University.

I was, therefore, interested to hear what the view of KPMG, McDonalds and Network Rail was towards this, and to learn about how they are adapting to what is undoubtedly a changing Higher Education landscape, something that Ian McLaughlin of KPMG opportunistically describes as a “chance to innovate”.

And innovate they have. KPMG have developed a ‘School Leavers Programme’, aimed at widening their talent pool by attracting (you guessed it), School Leavers. This scheme offers a degree, an ACA qualification and precious commercial experience. Network Rail, in their response to the changing graduate population and their expectations, are offering apprenticeships to school leavers who could ultimately wind up with an MSc from UCL or Warwick debt-free. McDonalds are expecting 50 of their Management students to graduate this year, alongside other Manchester Metropolitan graduates. Last year they funded just 10.

This has been the talking point of the day, as graduate recruiters agree that students are becoming smarter consumers of education. It is without doubt that social mobility and diversity are now crucial factors that recruiters need to consider, as their usual graduate pool is set to become narrower.

Emily Gasche is a consultant on the FreshMinds Talent Graduate Team