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Enterprise Mobility Apps - Accessing Big Data on the Cloud

enterprise mobility app

Consultants are always on the go and it often feels like every second counts. These days, ipads and smartphones are becoming more and more useful in enabling us to continue our work lives at any point of the day. This may be slightly frustrating, but it is no doubt useful.

Being able to access all the Big Data systems such as SAP software from your smartphone means that whilst travelling you can continue the work that you would do on the office systems. Smartphones are already becoming more powerful and capable of performing tasks formerly reserved for the computer. A recent amusing poster on the tube in London showed the new Nokia Lumia 925 with the full Office suit entitled 'Excel in Bed'  

excel in bed

No doubt this is a major development in how consultancies are working and will continue to work in the future. SAP started to develop enterprise apps in 2014 and some of the options include:

  • BusinessObjects
  • CRM Service Manager
  • Rounds Manager
  • Strategy Management
  • MMX 365
  • Push 365
  • Cart Approval
  • Infrastructure rapid-deployment

But there is still a long way to go as Charles McLellan reports here

Let's see how far the developers can take these EM apps!