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Top Tips for Resolving Conflicts

Being a good project manager involves being excellent at resolving conflicts quickly before they spiral out of control. Stop small quibbles right in their tracks and address the problem quickly, or your entire project may fall apart. The following websites will give you that all essential knowledge to get what you need from your team and have a smooth journey to the finish line!

  •  Top of the list has to be advice straight from Accenture itself - better take the advice of the management consultants themselves! more
  • Do you often work in teams that include people not actually present in the room with you? Virtual teams can be even harder to manage - take a look at the Harvard Business Review's response to this. more
  • Misunderstandings can often occur when working with a multicultural team. Make sure communication is open says this Harvard Law School blog. more
  • The University of Notre Dame gives their top 6 tips for resolving conflicts in the workplace. more
  • Having a dispute with colleagues? Don't do it over email where things can be misconstrued - pick up the phone says the Harvard Business Review. more
  • Some short points here but with links to other related articles. more
  • A step by step approach of how to deal with business clients or partners who disagree in the boardroom. more
  • An interesting article in Businessweek with the founder of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. more
  • 10 workplace resolution tips here - and enter your email address for the complete ebook free! more
  • 4 ways to a win-win solution to your problems at work. more

And there you have it...now stop those arguments in their tracks and be a winning negotiator! Now that is an invaluable skill for a consultant.