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Be a better public speaker in 2 weeks!

A major part of a consultant's job is making presentations. If you are a shy public speaker, it's time to boost your confidence and your skills - no-one will be persuaded or interested in listening to someone who is offering solutions to a business but doesn't seem confident in them themselves. Read/watch/listen to one of these a day for 2 weeks and you'll have all the know-how to go from shy and timid to a rhetorical maestro!

  • A great podcast here on how consultants can hone their public speaking skills. The transcript is written below in an easy to read numbered format in case you don't want to listen. more
  • Scared of the presentation at the Assessment Centre for your graduate job? Well read this on how to give an effective speech in front of your peers. more
  • A recent BBC competition about public speaking gives lots of tips and info on this site. more
  • Lots of links in this article to other pages about public speaking, including interviews with voice coaches. more


  • Free resources from this public speaking society. Find a toastmasters group near you to test out and improve your skills before the interview! more

Toastmasters also have an excellent youtube channel here covering everything from conquering fear to engaging your audience. 

As a taster, here are 5 top tips:

  • Want to be as powerful a speaker as Obama? Forbes takes a look at 3 of the tricks Barack Obama uses for his incredible speeches:
  • Real Men Real Style is a Youtube channel presented by Antonio Centeno which covers everything a man needs to know about how to present himself - both in fashion and in behaviour. Here Antonio talks about 10 ways to make a speech more powerful, but take a look at some of his other videos too as things such as other things he covers such as dressing well and feeling more confident can help you to deliver a better speech. more
  • Do you have a tendency to fill sentences with 'uhhh' and 'ummm' when you're doing a speech? Doesn't sound very professional. The Art of Manliness explains how to minimise these 'fillers' when you're nervous or ad libbing - your colleagues will sure be impressed! more
  • The Art of Manliness offers an excellent series on Classical Rhetoric here - the ancients after all did understand the principles of a powerful speech, so better to take their word for it! more
  • 10 easy ways to improve your public speaking offered by Tech Republic. more
  •  A great article in Forbes on 6 simple ways to be better at your public speaking, including an acrostic mneumonic to remember the key aspects of an audience. more
  • About.com offering their general list of help pages, this one to overcome anxiety in public speaking. more
  • Psychology Today offers 5 tips on how to reduce stress and nervousness when speaking. more
  • And to finish off - a list of 25 quick fire tips to improve! more

Now go out there and show them what you're made of!