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Top Tips for Consultants on the go!

One of the major draws for people wanting to get into management consulting is the potential for a lot of travel. Getting to see some of the world whilst working seems like an ideal job - but you must remember that travelling for business is very different to travelling for fun. The following websites give tips and advice for consultants living life on the planes, trains and automobiles of the world out there...

  •  A run down of the good and bad myths that surround management consulting travelling. More
  • General travel advice blog but this is a good informative article on the challenges faced by management consultants as they spend their life on the road. More
  • 11 top tips from a consultant on what to do to make your journeying that bit more pleasant and less of a chore. More
  • A blog post from Base 36 with 11 tips for travelling consultants. More
  • Confessions straight from the mouth of a travelling consultant! More
  • Another blog from a travelling consultant who has been on the road for 10 years. More
  • Carol Roth offers business travelling tips on her blog. More
  • Business Insider describes the most important things to consider when business travelling. More
  • A great post with 10 practical tips to make business travel less miserable. More
  • Dorie Clark's top 5 tips for business travel. More
  • A website aimed at high flying business women, this website gives plenty of advice for the jet setting woman of the skies. More
  • US News Money section has a good post here on preventing business travelling from overwhelming you. More
  • 5 tips for those who conduct business travel often. More
  • NY Times offers 10 business travel tips from someone who has been there and done it! More
  • Sign up for free on Quora to read this useful forum post on tips from consultants themselves. More

Oh and also, the film Up In The Air is a good film with George Clooney flying all over the world on his AA gold card as a type of consultant that is flown in to fire people from companies. Sometimes making redundancies is one of the recommendations which consultants have to offer in order for a firm to save money or to streamline the work force.

The film comes with the sad message of travelling being pretty lonesome....so remember that being a management consultant is a lifestyle as well as a career.