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The VLOOKUP function - 5 Top Websites

The VLOOKUP function is a database function that works to retrieve information within a list. It's extremely important and useful for consulting as by using it you can quickly find out corresponding information about the 'unique identifier' that you enter along with the VLOOKUP. But it's also a function that causes persistent confusion - so to avoid that, here are the top 5 things to do to understand how to use the function.

Firstly, take a look at How To Geek and their simple step by step worked through guide of how to use VLOOKUP in the context of an invoice database. At the very bottom of the page you can download the invoice template so you can practice. More

Contextures offers a more bullet point format but using a lot more technical language about writing the functions so more for people with a bit of understanding. Includes a trouble shooting section and templates to download. More

Now to get to grips with the function in action, ExcelIsFun offers over an hour of examples using the VLOOKUP function, covering beginner's all the way to advanced. Certainly after watching this you will know everything from the basics to the pro!

As VLOOKUP can retrieve information, it might be necessary to combine information from different workbooks. This video shows you how...

Finally, if you want t0 stand out for your superior Excel knowledge, Business Insider has a useful tip here on using the MATCH and INDEX functions to perform tasks similar to VLOOKUP but when you want to search other vertical columns which VLOOKUP cannot achieve. Certainly a vital trick to know! More