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In 1 month be a better Project Manager

Project managing is the name of the game for the high level consultant. Complex projects need to be delegated to your team members, the aims of the project delineated and discussed and then the PM has to ensure that everyone is keeping up with their assigned tasks and checking that the work is correct and up to scratch as well as resolving any conflicts within the team. It is a big responsibility as the success of the project ultimately rests with you. If watching 'The Apprentice' has taught you anything, it'll be that the PM's neck is always on the line if anything goes wrong! With this in mind, keeping up with the latest project management training is a must - even if you only take one new thing away from reading an article or watching a video, it could be the thing that ensures the success of a project and a happy team.

Accenture's Essential Skills series has an excellent video here on what project management is for the aspiring consultant

Top 10 Websites with Top Tips:

  • The Project Management Hut seeks to emphasise the difference between a good project manager and a great one in this post. The website also includes plenty of further project management related posts including budgeting, delegating and team building.
  • 20 practical tips on how to ensure your project is successful and also includes 5 tips on how to avoid disaster! More
  • Tech Republic is an IT specialist so it is focused in this area but the same 10 practices apply to any project. The key thing to take away from this post is that it is the right mix of planning, monitoring and controlling that makes a good project manager - too much or too little of one will result in conflict and collapse. You can also sign up for the '10 Things...' newsletter at the bottom of the page for future tips. More
  • Plenty of great whiteboard tutorials from the ProjectManager.com Youtube channel including 'How to kick off your project', 'Good vs. Bad Project Managers' and even 'The Idiot's guide to Project Management'. More
  • A great Dummies help sheet here on the top qualities a good project manager needs. More
  • This is a great list of famous quotes that will make you a better project manager - sure to motivate both yourself and the team!
  • Workhoppers says 'Let the plan be your compass that guides you to successful completion' - importance of the Logical Framework Approach will come in handy here. More
  • A simple list of 10 characteristics of a great project manager based on a study of the top rated 2% as rated by their peers. More
  • Expert coach Rosemary Hossenlopp gives a good tutorial here on what makes a good project manager in the consulting world.
  • Some consultants may never have had any form of low-level project management experience before they started. This guide takes you through the steps for those who are unfamiliar. Includes a free downloadable ebook too!
  • 5 really good tips for 'savvy project managers' here - more specific too than the usual 'be organised'. More
  • Written by a project manager herself, this is a great list of 10 tips to ensure your project remains on time and on budget. More
  • Another good range of tips here on project managing including keeping an open mind for new solutions and listening to others rather than being too dictatorial. More
  • 5 good tips from a director of project management. Keeping communication flowing is a key point here. More


  • Download this Project Management Guidebook for free here and take a read of its useful tips. More
  • Take a look at these 10 guidelines for a project manager from a recruiting website - they know what they're looking for in candidates so definitely a good list of key skills! More
  • An interesting blogpost on what makes a good project manager in business. More
  • A really great free 14 chapter course on project managing - should keep you going for the next two weeks as well...! More

The official certification of project management training is the Prince2 programme. Consultants won't need this as you learn it on the job, but there are plenty of resources online that relate to those taking this course which can be useful for you.