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Powerful Powerpoints - Top tips for making great presentations

We've all been stuck in seemingly never ending presentations before....but don't let that happen to your audience when you're up at the front! Prevent 'death by Powerpoint' now and take heed of the tips below...

  • Firstly, let's start out with a nice video on how to spice it up
  •  A massive 71 little tips here on how to smarten up your presentations and make them more professional and effective.
  • 10 tips to prevent 'death by Powerpoint'. more
  • Three blog posts from Consultant's Mind about how to make your Powerpoints better. Definitely advice to follow as the blogger is indeed a management consultant.
  • A good range of topics covered by Management Consulting News here with 7 articles and 2 podcasts via interviews with consultants and their advice. more
  • An Agony Aunt response to the often asked question 'How can I make my powerpoint amazing?' Includes the 5 rules of Powerpoints which if followed should be a good preventative measure against boredom. more
  • Build a consulting Powerpoint in 4 steps. more
  • Why do Consultant's use Powerpoint so much? more
  • Better Powerpoint: 6 ways to make your point. more
  • This is a really good blog post geared for consultants with plenty of pictures to illustrate the differences in style that changes can make. more
  • Interview with consultant David Tracy about how to make a good professional consulting presentation. more
  • Another consultant interview about driving the message you are trying to put across. more
  • Yes, this is a Powerpoint on how to make a good Powerpoint, focusing on the style used by consultants. more
  • Ten tips from Strategy Expert here and the website also includes free Powerpoint templates. more
  • Some really useful tips here for if you are giving a presentation to Senior Management - the audience of your presentation will dramatically affect what you should and should not emphasise in your Powerpoint. more
  • Wondering what models you should put in your Powerpoint to display your data? This series of more technical posts gives a list of useful templates used by consultants e.g. SWOT analysis, 5 Forces Framework etc. Includes McKinsey and BCG templates and tips on how to use them. more
  • 10 more tips on how to make your Powerpoint stand out. more
  •  A few short tips here but aimed at consultants. more

Finally, check out the previous post on the amazing new presentation tool Prezi to zazz up your presentations!