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Top 10 Video channels for Self-improvement and Motivation

There's nothing quite like a nice inspiring story or piece of useful life advice...they have the ability to change our opinions and attitudes to our daily lives and improve them for the better. For a management consultant, who spends a lot of time on journeys, why not listen to some of the following channels whilst grabbing some shut-eye on a plane or train? Your managers may just notice a difference in your attitude on Monday morning!

  • Capture Your Flag is far and away the most interesting self improvement channel by listening to stories from those at the top of the game. With the tag line 'interviewing tomorrow's leaders today', you can tell there will be useful advice here for self motivated self starters. The videos are arranged into the categories 'Courage', 'Reflection', 'Contribution', 'Self-Awareness' and 'Diligence'. These categories therefore cover personal changes as well as those relevant to business, though don't underestimate the impact that personal changes can have on your business life! All the interviews are really interesting and very short at around 2 minutes each, so perfect to listen to on the go. For more on who the interviewees are, check out the main website here.
  • Amazing range of animated shorts by the RSA with new ones uploaded monthly on everything from persuasion to effectively using the internet. Animations are always fun and often stick in your head longer too! More
  •  A large range of self help videos on Videojug covering everything from the professional to the personal life. More
  • Actualized.Org offers some lengthy discussions on a range of topics including how to be more stoic and how to think positively. More 
  • Self improvement coach Noah Hammond offers tips for lots of different situations from making friends to preventing negative thoughts. More
  • Long videos of motivational speeches from Motivation and More - will be sure to get you out the door and raring to go and face the office! More
  • Mateusz M offers a range of motivational picture compilations here - even the titles like 'Unstoppable' 'Dream' and 'Hero' start to fire you up! More
  • Motivation Grid offers more of these inspirational speeches set to music. More
  • Absolute Motivation is a new youtube channel posting several motivational videos, again on the inspiration theme. More
  • This is a channel dedicated to stopping anxiety from agoraphobia to social situations. In a high pressured job environment, anxiety is a problem many people encounter so here are some ways on how to deal with the stress. More