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Pivot Table Mastery in a couple of clicks

Pivot Tables are an important feature of Excel that allow you to extract and summarise significant data from a large data set. Instead of this being a long process of manual filtering through hundreds or even thousands of entries, Pivot Tables enable an automated process to get exactly what you want quickly without much fuss. So learning this Excel technique can really help data analysis and isn't actually too hard to get to grips with.

Firstly, watch Jon Flynn's video. It's a really excellent simple introduction to what Pivot Tables are and how to create them by going through an example.

Okay, so now you know what they are, read the four 'five minute' quick bullet point lessons on Pivot tables to get you started on really using them. More 

Next, check the 6 page guide here and download the practice workbook to try out your newly learnt skills! More

For further explanations and screen shots, see the lessons on Home and Learn here: More

And to focus your knowledge on the business side of Pivot Tables, Bill Jelen, ('Mr. Excel' himself!) has a highly recommended book called 'Pivot Table Data Crunching' which will be sure to make you a master!

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