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Become an Excel Expert! Top 5 free online courses

Excel skills are the one thing which recruiters continuously say are very weak among new consultants. So to help you get a head start (or to catch up!) here are the top online courses to improve your skills.

1) Excel Easy - this is a good place to start for Excel beginners - clear definitions are given for all terms and acronyms followed by worked through screen shot examples of how to complete tasks. This is followed by 300 more complex examples in action, putting to use all the skills learnt from the previous pages. More

2) Chandoo -  An excellent site with video tutorials alongside step by step articles, downloadable templates and longer specialised online tutorials for a fee. The great thing is that it's aimed at everyone from beginners to advanced so whatever skill you are looking to improve, you're sure to find some help here. Sign up for the free newsletter and ebook too! More

3) Home and Learn - A really excellent site with eight chapters working through everything that Excel has to offer from beginners to advanced. You can then follow on with the Excel Macros course afterwards too! More

4) How to Geek -  A series of very brief lessons on excel for beginners, starting here literally at the beginning with 'what is excel and why do we need it?' More

5) Excel Exposure - Some good video tutorials here from basic beginners content on functions to advanced level pivot tables and macros. More

If you have money to spend and want a certificate to add to your CV that says you completed such a course, the following two programs come with good reviews. Though beware, the price tags can reach upwards of $400...

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