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Get to know Prezi - the cooler Powerpoint!

Consultants use Powerpoint for a lot of their job as presentations need to be given to clients to explain the solutions you have proposed in your report. But sitting through presentations can sometimes get a little boring. To solve this problem of keeping audiences engaged, Prezi has come up with new dynamic forms of animation and organisation for slide shows.

Although you might think that animations are a waste of time, remember that the aim of a presentation is to sell your management solution to the client and if they are drawn into your presentation, they'll be more likely to be captivated by your points and remember them well. The characteristic 'zooming' function of Prezi is ideal for illustrating the big picture and focusing in on details.

Prezi is free to use on a public account but to have a private account or to use Prezi offline, there is an annual charge. More

For simple advice on getting to know this software, to wow both your peers and clients, check out the following websites...

  • Basics and manual, as well as a system to submit your own help requests. More
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  • Great step by step blog post on how to import a Powerpoint presentation into Prezi in order to zazz it up! More
  • Quick list of Prezi basics and keyboard shortcuts. More

However, do remember that Prezi is not suitable for all presentations. It's constant zooming can be distracting and the emphasis on a non-linear, brainstorming like structure to show how things are intertwined can be confusing if you are explaining a step by step process. So don't forsake Powerpoint entirely! Ensure your presentation is matched to the needs of the audience to whom you are presenting. See the following websites for info on the pros and cons:

London School of Economics article on when Prezi is suitable and not suitable for learning. More

Short presentation on basic pros and cons. More

Good article on reviewing the new Prezi technology. Still has a fondness for Powerpoint though and has a book about how to make Powerpoint as good as Prezi. More

P.S. https://www.emaze.com is a new presentation tool that might soon overtake Prezi in it's innovative design formats for Powerpoint. It's less about animation and more about interesting template designs...so check out this too for more ideas!

See an introduction to emaze here: