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Top 10 Consultant Bloggers

Yes, this is a blog about bloggers. But blogs can be a good source of reading and knowledge, if you find the ones that are written straight from the experiences of professionals. So here is the rundown of the best for improving knowledge and truths from the inside...

1) Excellent tips here on things from how to make your powerpoints better to how to make a good excel model. It's written by a consultant for consultants because they 'think a bit differently'. More

2) Three writers doing blogs here both for consultants and for clients. The right hand side gives a huge list of different categories that the blogs fit into so there is sure to be advice for your sector here. More

3) There are over 200 articles here on a range of things that Johanna Rothman has consulted on during her career. The 'Management Myths' articles are good reading. More

4) A list of the 20 best blogs out there, as recommended by a consultant who regularly reads them.

5) Plenty of articles with plenty of comments from consultants on them too. Everything from tips on job-hunting to general consulting news. More

6) Great array of articles here from the bitterness of being on the road (including stats on the left of how many air miles he clocked up in a year) to tips on using Excel. Good links to other sites too. More

7) Good bullet point format for consultant tips, including the 11 point 'Management Consultant Manifesto' and '8 Secret weapons of the Modern Consultant' (A few older blogs from Steve Shu can be found here) More

8) An amusing read of the highs and lows of a self proclaimed 'crazy consultant'. His confusion of random things on planes is pretty funny and I'm sure plenty of air miles heavy consultants would very much sympathise! More

9) Of course aimed at promoting Accenture but you get to hear from different consultants working at the company and their experiences front the front line. More

10) Some short blogs here, mainly aimed at candidates entering the consulting world. There are also 'webinars' that you can buy for $3 such as 'Confessions of a McKinsey consultant'. More