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Paris/ Tel Aviv

Strategic Entrepreneur, Start-up Incubator

£80k - £100k + equity

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A Start-up Incubator with substantial backing from a leading Insurance business is looking for a top-tier strategy consultant to take ownership of one of their early stage HealthTech / InsurTech propositions in Paris or Tel Aviv.

This is a unique opportunity for someone who would like to take ownership of an early stage-start-up business with the support of the Incubator providing the core infrastructure and the anchor investing necessary to kick start a start-up from idea to profitable business. You will be responsible for assessing the new business venture’s future success through different market sizing, competitor analysis, GTM strategy, and CDD/FDD activities as well as everything else needed to get an idea off the ground. Once you have successfully progressed a potential concept to a stage where it can be assessed for investment, if it gains the green light for said investment your role will morph into taking the lead on the build phase and essentially allow you to step into a C-suite role in the new start-up business.

They are looking for someone who brings 3-4 years in a top-tier consulting firm twinned with strong client-side operational experience. Ideally, you will have command of a second language (French, German, Italian or Spanish) and have experience working in Paris or Tel Aviv.

As such, if you have the relevant background and would like to be part of the journey and become a C-suite member of a newly created start-up, I urge you to submit your application for immediate consideration.


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