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Senior Product Manager

£80k - £85k

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A major Financial Services firm is looking for a Senior Product Manager to develop their product platform and drive returns from a customer, investment, commercial and operational perspective.

The company is the first in its space to really put the product function at the core of their business and as such this is a rare chance to be part of something new and fast growing. The senior team of the business is very bought into this process and sees it as a brilliant chance to optimise existing products and help create new products whilst simultaneously having the ability to mould an overall new product management process.

Ideally you will have at least some Asset Management experience and a core consulting skill set, twinned with strong communication skills and a hands-on, innovative attitude.

You will take on responsibility from day one to focus on the company’s fund management products; including product change, regulatory documentation, customer insight and business relationships. This includes being able to quickly assimilate large amounts of data, manage stakeholders and think holistically.

If you have excellent academics and a strong track record in consulting and asset management and if this opportunity sounds exciting to you I would urge you to submit your CV now for immediate consideration.


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