On your marks, get set... 2 Minds in 2 months for super fast growing consultancy


Innovation and proposition design consultancy Market Gravity approached Freshminds to help build their team through a retained search during a period of exponential growth. They came to us looking for two experienced consultants with entrepreneurial flair and experience in innovation/insight, to join as Engagement Managers to add to their exceptionally talented team and increase their ability to support their clients with their exciting projects. Freshminds set to work…

The brief

Market Gravity is innovation and proposition design consultancy working with the world’s leading companies to design new services and propositions. They bring insight, commercial rigor and prototyping expertise together to help clients take ideas from ‘Post-it™ to prototype’ in 60 days.

Market Gravity came to Freshminds needing 2 Minds to join them within 2 months, to add to their outstanding team and help with their fast growth, enabling them to continue taking on client accounts and delivering great results to new and existing clients such as the Post Office, Barclays, Boots and HSBC.

The successful candidates would cover a range of tasks in their positions - analysis, stakeholder engagement, management, business development, account management and responsibility for delivery.

Who they needed:    

  • 2 Engagement Manager candidates within 2 months
  • Top academics
  • At least 6-7 years’ experience - ideally with 5 years’ in a consultancy and also some form of demonstrable innovation/insight experience
  • Able to hit the ground running on client projects from day one


  • Specific blend of skills required that is difficult to find i.e. consultancy experience mixed with entrepreneurial flair, and innovation and/or insight background.
  • Tight timescale: due to continuing fast growth, Market Gravity needed a client-ready Engagement Manager as soon as possible
  • Successful candidates would face the challenge of hitting the ground running from day one and needed to be flexible and creative to match the mindset of innovation required 

What Freshminds did

  • Detailed brief taking to fully understand the roles, company and fit
  • Extensive marketing, networking and head-hunting campaign: engaging both our established network of strategy consultants as well as head-hunting target candidates. 
  • Major push on referral network
  • Rigorous screening and interviewing


  • Freshminds shortlisted 15 of suitable individuals. Client interviewed 8.
  • Successfully placed 2 top tier Engagement Managers of the right level within the 2 month timescale
  • Additional Senior Consultant found and placed during course of search as client felt we were finding exactly the right type of candidate for their needs

Freshminds have since been asked to find a number of new candidates and are on board to help build their entire team across all levels as a result of the relationship we've built based on these successes. We were delighted to receive brilliant feedback on the Freshminds team from the client throughout and look forward to our continued work together.