Lasting the test of time with a top tier consultancy


Freshminds have worked with our client - a top tier consultancy - for over 10 years, providing Minds for due diligence and market research projects involving qualitative and quantitative surveying through desk and phone research.

Over the years, we have worked on in excess of 250 projects for this client alone. Each project usually requires two or three researchers to support desk and phone research in relation to a specific industry. Vacancies need to be filled as quickly as possible and Freshminds turn the roles around faster than any others the Projects Team take on - and that's saying something!

What the projects involve

We regularly provide our client with bright graduates with excellent communication skills at top speed! These Minds use their communication and research skills to provide vital support to the client’s consultants on desk and phone research, adding extra value through their enthusiasm to learn and quick ability to follow instructions and deliver the best results.

As well as being a stream of exceptional additional support for our client, the opportunity is hugely beneficial for our Minds too. Working for a top tier consultancy like our client gives junior Minds in our network who are starting their freelance career incredibly valuable experience. It helps them to progress onto more senior-level, industry-specific research projects as well as permanent roles with other Freshminds' clients. 

Who they look for:

  • Bright, outgoing fresh graduates with relevant research experience and the confidence and excellent communication skills to settle into a project with minimal guidance.


  • The main challenge we face is the response time – these projects tend to be very last-minute requests for support, therefore the turnaround rate is dependent on researchers' availability.
  • On occasion, the cold-calling projects can prove to be tricky and time-consuming, especially when contacts are difficult and don't provide adequate responses.

What Freshminds does

  • We maintain a bespoke, continually updated pool for our client. We constantly make sure our pool of Minds is readily available, vibrant and versatile. By allocating our resources to pool-building, we make sure that we can address the client's requests for support quickly and effectively.
  • Our Minds are always keen to impress and make the most of an opportunity for commercial exposure through a top-tier consultancy like the client. This means they deliver exceptional results and work to the best of their ability. 


  • On a recent due diligence survey project, we placed 3 researchers for 2 days to undertake a series of cold-calls to small businesses across the UK. As the project progressed, the client would typically extend the project on a daily basis. We responded by making sure that we always had researchers available to go in and replace those who were not available to continue on the extensions. The client was very pleased with all the researchers, and we placed 9 researchers on the project over a week.
  • Where the client is strained for capacity on large projects, our Minds have offered vital support to deliver results in the form of market surveys and desk research on specific industries. They tend to exceed client expectations on every project.
  • The results from the research our Minds conduct contributes to form the basis of the analysis performed by the rest of the client's team on larger projects.
  • Benefit for our Minds: To work at this client enables our Minds to have a series of eye-opening and game-raising experiences in a professional environment which fosters critical self-analysis, quick thinking, and equal strength both in working alone and as part of a group.  Being a candidate at Freshminds is both an encouraging and stimulating role to fulfil - the entirely one-on-one nature of communication from the Freshminds office means that their individual abilities and strengths are considered every time they are contacted about a  position.

The last 10 years are testament to our relationship with the client and the added value we bring to their business with every new project. When new associates join the client, they are advised to approach Freshminds if they ever have capacity requirements for due diligence projects. We actively continue to provide our client with top-quality Minds and we look forward to our relationship continuing to go from strength to strength.