Design-based strategy consultancy needed help delivering on digital product development



Last year, a small design-based strategy consultancy engaged Freshminds to help deliver an on-going digital product development piece for a major newspaper publication, with print and growing online presence.

Key Challenge

They required a Product Manager to come up with recommendations for the newspaper on how to commercialise/ monetise their strong data-insights processes.

How did Freshminds help?

Freshminds scoped out key deliverables that the consultancy was looking to achieve and how this panned out in the timelines. It was clear that the consultancy lacked the internal strategy consulting know-how to address this project from a commercial, strategic angle – their strength lay in design. The first consultant we placed was a top strategy consultant with strong understanding of media and went on to advice the newspaper on how to achieve continued success in digitization and personalisation of content and how can their methodology be ‘productised’ to be sold to other companies in the similar space.

Phase 2 of the project involved the need for a second consultant to roll-out the setting up of an internal consulting wing within the newspaper’s corporate team that would act as the advisory unit to clients who wanted to use the newspaper’s methodology in relation to digitization and personalisation of content.


The newspaper is currently in the process of setting up the internal consulting team, which is a pioneering move for a company in this space as they will be consulting for external clients. The Freshminds’ consultant has helped the team land their first two ‘clients’. The consultant is also helping the time with structure, vision, goals and will mean that Freshminds will continue to support this future growth.