A digital design agency needed help using data to develop new products


Background & Client problem:

An innovative digital design agency was working with a client – a leading financial publication – to understand how they can extract the most value from their data and launch new product offerings to their customers.

Key Challenge:

Our client needed additional internal support to identify and quantify potential opportunities and pilot them to test their viability

How did Freshminds help?

Search period: 5 days

Given the complexity of the assignment, our focus was to understand the consultant’s key objectives and work with the client to determine how they would fit into the existing project team.

Our search yielded 3 suitable candidates, with one being selected from the group.

Our Candidate profile:

  • 2 years of experience at a mid-tier consulting firm
  • Data and technology background and project track record

Result & Value Add

Project duration: 2 months


  • The consultant supported the development of new product and business unit within the publication.
  • The consultant also provided a strategic direction and plan towards a new product and unit.

This led to a second engagement with their client (the financial publication), and eventually to the deployment of the new product, enabling them to reach a wider customer base.