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Roberta Console

Roberta is a consultant for the Research Analyst Projects team.

Roberta joined Freshminds in 2018 after 4 years’ experience in headhunting for graduate schemes in Brazil. She recruited managers and engineers for big consumer goods companies and now manages Research Analyst candidates as well as our client network within the Strategy Consulting and Technology sectors.

She holds a BA in International Relations and a dual master degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics. Prior to London, Roberta also studied and worked in Vienna, Berlin Washington DC and Paris. Now, she enjoys her time around London on her blue bike!

Being a sports lover, Roberta also spends her spare time doing HIIT running, taekwondo, rugby, and any other ‘different’ sport. Invite her to any match or session and she will show up!

CV Secret:

Roberta and her mother survived a grizzly bear encounter in the middle of the Canadian woods during a hike. Fortunately, Roberta and her mum were not tasty enough.