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Karolina Dirgelaite
Client Consultant


Karolina specialises in Healthcare for the Projects Team

She originally worked at Freshminds as one of our network of Minds whilst studying. In 2014 she was snapped up by us full time to work in the Projects team as an Associate Candidate Manager. Karolina's role then moved onto the client side of the business to grow our Healthcare and Life Sciences offering . She has worked on projects of varying sizes, up to a large-scale surveying project where she helped source 50 Minds for a client. Whilst at Freshminds, Karolina has also co-ordinated the implementation of our new database. 

Karolina has a BA(Hons) in European studies from UCL - specialising in Economics and German - including studying classical Sanskrit. She is also studying for a Masters degree in Osteopathy part time at the British School of Osteopathy and teaches yoga classes. She enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, travelling, salsa dancing, vegetarian cooking and learning new languages.

CV secret:

Spent New Year in the Arctic Circle