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Anaya Adroher
Marketing Manager

Anaya joined the team in October 2016 to lead the marketing team. She oversees the entire marketing mix through both offline and online digital activities and has extensive experience on Brand & Consumer Marketing.                  

Anaya graduated from ESADE University with an MBA and, before moving to the UK, she worked in the FMCG sector and airline industry in Spain. Here, she acquired valuable experience in building and maintaining a brand through various customer focused activities. Whilst working for the national airline company, Spanair, she lead the national and international rebrand which included a major video PR campaign which won several advertising awards. In the UK and prior to moving to Freshminds, she worked in the technology industry developing their sales and marketing function.

In her spare time Anaya remotely runs the marketing activities for her friend’s company and enjoys dancing Bellydance, yoga and photography. She also has a high interest in spirituality and how to live more consciously. 

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She writes a blog where she shares her experience on the veganism and spiritual journey.